Adventist Academy of Santa Fe
702 Bishops Lodge Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Mailing Address: PO Box 28327, Santa Fe, NM 87592
(505) 954-1845

Tuition Rate Chart 2016-17
Registration/Book Fee
            This fee covers the following: school supplies, student insurance, library fund, textbooks, yearbook, room funds, computers, testing, science lab equipment, and playground equipment.
            Please note: the registration fee is non-refundable.
                        Kinder-4th:     $360
                        5th-8th:              $450
                        9th:                   $600
                                    Constituent Family                            Non-Constituent
1st-8th grade             $3,600/year                                                $4,600/year
9th grade                   $6,600/year                                                $7,600/year
Payments are due the 1st of each month (billed over 10 months beginning August 1 and ending May 1).
A $20 charge will be made for any check returned for insufficient funds, and a cashier’s check or money order will be needed to cover the amount owing.
You will be able to pay tuition online, with a 5% processing fee.
Tuition Discounts are as follows:
  • Multiple Child Discounts:
    • 10% for 2nd child from the same immediate family.
    • 20% for 3rd child from the same immediate family.
    • 30% for 4th child from the same immediate family.
  • Full Tuition Payment:
    • 5% for paying the entire year advance by registration day (after other discounts are applied).
  • Early Registration Discount: 
    • Pre-Register in the Month of April & May to receive a 5% registration fee discount. 
  • Refferal Discount:
    • Refer a student who is not form the same parent(s) as a current child in the school and receive 50% off tuition for one month. The refered family will receive a $100 registration fee discount. 
  • Outreach Discount:
    • AASF will match up to $150 of tuition put forward by students who work at a Christian Summer Camp, Colporting, or outreach program. 
When available, Private or Group Music Lessons:
            Individual lessons on piano or other instrument, when available, $17 per hour per student.
            Note: There is no charge for music programs included in the school curriculum.
Send all Tuition fees to:
Adventist Academy of Santa Fe
PO Box 28327
Santa Fe, NM 87592
For security reasons, please DO NOT take your check to the school! Please DO NOT send your payment to the school with your child. 

Late pick-up of a child by a parent will incur a childcare fee of $10 per half hour per child.  The childcare fee begins 30 minutes after the school day ends.